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A wind turbine is one of the sustainable and renewable energies that Watts uses

A lot has happened in the Danish energy market over the past 20 years.  Major changes in energy production conditions and significant changes in the supply of Danish electricity companies have meant that Danish electricity customers today face far more alternatives than in the past. Choosing an electricity company, thinking about more sustainable energy sources and newer and more innovative ways to access your electricity consumption are just some of the things that the modern Danish electricity consumer of today can decide on. The Danish electricity market has become more customized, and it has thus also become a place where the Danish consumer can have more co-determination than in the past in its impact on the environment as well as its wallet.

Through an active position, Danish electricity consumers today are free to choose their own electricity company and choose how much insight they want in their consumption. New innovative initiatives have shifted the decisions to the individual consumer, and it is therefore now up to the Danish electricity consumer to decide for himself how much responsibility they want to take for the environment and the economy in connection with the choice of electricity company.

Free choice of electricity company since 2003

Not everyone is aware of this. However, the Danish electricity market was liberalised in 2003 and has since then been free of consumers. Previously, danish citizens had no participation in the choice of electricity company, since the electricity company was then given in advance via one's residence. However, the electricity reform in 1999 started to slow the opening up of the electricity market, culminating in a planned total liberalisation from January 2003. From here, the Danish electricity customers would no longer be geographically tied to a local electricity company.

Despite 18 years of free choice of power company, however, there are still a number of Danes who do not take an active position on their choice of power company. Perhaps this is due to a continuing lack of awareness of the great participation, or it may be rooted in the exact opposite: that one has ample insight into the Danish electricity market, and perhaps almost feels taken aback by the many supply of electricity companies that the market is now bidding for.

How cheap are the cheapest power companies?

For the vast majority of Danes who have a moderate insight into the Danish electricity market, the choice of electricity provider has mainly been about one thing: economy. The various Danish electricity providers have struggled to promote themselves as the best power company on the market, and for many of the Danish customers, the best power company has also been synonymous with the cheapest power company. Over the years, several different electricity price comparison sites have also been created online, where you have been able to see who, for example, was the cheapest power company in 2018 or the cheapest power company in 2019. But is it a failed or simplistic way of looking at the many Danish electricity companies today? Because to what extent is there scope for financial savings by switching power companies and are there other and more relevant elements to consider?

The savings are limited to 18% of your electricity bill

For many people, it can be quite a plausible reason to want to change power companies in the effort to find a cheap power company. However, many consumers may go in search of the cheapest power company in the belief that the electricity companies on the Danish market can compete on the entire electricity bill. However, this is by no means the case. Competition in the electricity market limits to a small corner of your electricity bill, which is only about 18%[i]. The other 82% of your electricity bill will be the same regardless of the choice of electricity company, since this part consists of flat-rate taxes and taxes that are independent of the electricity companies concerned.

The last 18% of the bill relates to kWh price and subscription, and it is here that the Danish electricity companies must engage in competition between themselves on price. It is, of course, possible to point to Denmark's cheapest electricity company in this connection, but the difference between the price of the different suppliers will be minimal, because it is precisely naturally limited by the special circumstances of the electricity bill. Also read more about what one kWh costs and how far one kWh goes.


A green choice with Denmark's renewable energy sources

For some consumers, however, the small savings in electricity bills are not the main driver of electricity company choice. More and more Danes are looking to greener energy companies, which are in line with the demands of the time for phasing out the CO2-emitting fossil fuels. These electricity companies try to optimise the supply of electricity from renewable energy sources in Denmark by making use of wind energy, solar energy and biomass.

Denmark's energy consumption by renewable energy sources

Since the 1970s, we in Denmark have installed wind turbines and offshore wind turbines for the extraction of sustainable energy. Today, there are over 6000 wind turbines at sea and on land, which are constantly being refined and further developed to optimise green energy production. In addition, sustainable biomass supplies the source of much of the Danish heat, and today accounts for about 63% of Danish renewable energy production (electricity, water and heat). Solar energy, and wind energy in particular, accounts for the remaining 37% of total energy from renewable energy sources. Overall, energy from renewable energy sources accounts for approximately 34% of total Danish energy consumption in Denmark[ii].

If you look completely isolated at the electricity area itself, today we are very well on our way in the green transition in Denmark. Today, 80% of the Danish power comes from renewable energy sources, of which 4% is from solar energy[iii],approximately 47% is from the Danish wind turbines, while the remaining renewable power is generated from biomass.

The green transition is thus well under way, and with the free choice of electricity company, any consumer can now also opt in to greener electricity companies for a more sustainable future.

However, in addition to the obvious climate-conscious electricity companies in Denmark, there is also an opportunity for electricity companies to go a step further in the fight for co2-neutral energy sources and the equalization of carbon footprints in general.

Proactive green power companies with extra climate-conscious measures

The Danish electricity customers not only have the opportunity to opt in to electricity companies with a green profile that emphasizes energy from sustainable and alternative energy sources, they can also handpick specially dedicated power companies that make an extra effort for the climate. Here, the customer will not only get an electricity company that makes an effort to supply as much electricity as possible from the renewable energy sources in Denmark, it will also have an electricity company that strives to make its electricity customers carbon neutral. There are several tangible ways in which this is to be seen, but above all an action is causing a positive stir.

Afforestation to help with CO2 absorption

Some of the additional climate measures taken by some green power companies are the planting of trees and forests. This happens, among other things, at the power company Watts, where a peace forest of 60,000 m2 is planted in connection with the members' electricity consumption. Each electricity customer at Watts plants trees through its consumption, thus offsetting its carbon footprint due to the long-term CO2 absorption from the planted trees. The more people who choose to switch power companies to Watts, the more trees are physically planted on Danish soil.

When a forest is fully planted, new land is created, where you continue planting another forest. And so it continues with carbon footprint mbalancing measures until Denmark hopefully stands in a place where the green transition is total.

Your electricity consumption is 100% certified green power

Denmark's energy sources are still not 100% renewable. There's still some way to go. However, the Danish current has already taken a seven-mile step, since 80% here is made up of energy created by wind, solar and biomass. However, 20% of Denmark's energy sources in electricity are still created from non-renewable energy sources such as oil and coal. This is mixed together with the green energy in the Danish electricity grid, which is why no one can be guaranteed 100% renewable energy when charging smartphones, streaming TV series on the flat screen or baking buns in the oven. A switch to a green electricity company will nevertheless guarantee that your electricity consumption is of 100% renewable energy. But how does this relate?

In Denmark, a leaf scheme has been set up for electricity suppliers, which has been created to ensure that the certified leaf scheme company in question can guarantee a 100% renewable energy consumption for customers. 1 or 2 blades can be allocated in the scheme, but both certifications ensure that the electricity company can prove that the overall power consumption is 100% green. This is done by the electricity company in question buying up electricity from renewable energy sources elsewhere in order to offset its customers' carbon footprint. So even if your green power company in the leaf scheme cannot guarantee that the power in your Danish outlet is 100% CO2-free, this is compensated by the purchase of green certificates that match the consumption in question.

It is thus not only possible to switch to an electricity company that announces a green and climate-conscious line, you can even choose an electricity company in the Danish magazine scheme that ensures that your carbon footprint is constantly offset.

Use our app for electricity consumption to continuously see your electricity consumption.

Choice of power companies with innovative technology for electricity overview and saving

It is possible to make a switch to electricity companies, which not only ensure co2-free electricity consumption, but which also actively create continuous technological advances for the benefit of the environment and economy. This is done mainly through a confumation of electricity consumption and innovative technology that manages to link customer consumption data in a new and intelligent way.

App-by-app overview for increased transparency

One of the largest Achilles tendons at the Danish electricity companies has been the lack of technical resources, which has had to provide customers with sufficient transparency in their electricity consumption. The public company Energinet, which operates under the Ministry of Climate Energy and Utilities, has otherwise potentially been able to create an electricity overview through its huge data hub[iv]. Here, billions of information about the Danish citizens' electricity consumption is collected by the respective electricity companies on the market, which in theory could be transformed into intelligent data for the benefit of consumers.

However, theory has finally become a practice today, as some electricity companies have now managed to collect this data intelligently. In doing so, Watts has bridged the data collected by creating an intuitive app in the form of an energy assistant that can show its members when on the day, which is the most energy from renewable energy sources and when on the day you connect to low price zones.

Instant insights and electric overview with Watts live map

As the first power company in Denmark, Watts will shortly present a technologically refined and optimized version of your electricity overview. With a physical map that can be inserted into your electricity meter at home, your Watts app will not only give you a static insight into your electricity consumption, it can now also make instant readings of your current power consumption in real time. It provides unprecedented transparency and detail in your electricity overview and creates fertile ground for immediate changes in your electricity consumption for the benefit of both the climate and your budget.

You no longer have to settle for retrospectively making retrospective changes based on outdated data where the 'damage' has already been done. With Watt's live map login, you get a unique real-time electricity overview that allows you to control your electricity consumption more than before. Here you can be written upif you want to hear more.

Which power company should I choose and is it easy to switch?

At some energy companies, a telephone call, an email or an announcement via website or app is sufficient when you want to change energy companies. As a tenant, you are also often free to choose your own energy company, unless something specific has been agreed in advance in the lease.

There is usually a binding period in an electricity company, so you must of course clarify whether you are out of that period. In the day of termination, it is often normal to have one month's notice.

Since the liberalisation of the Danish electricity market in 2003, it has not only become more manageable to change energy companies, but it has become just as easier to find an energy company that matches one's requirements for sustainable energy and up-to-date digital ease of use. An active choice of energy company that works proactively for a greener future with ever-increasing sustainable energy measures.





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