Electricity prices are rising - here's the explanation

The Danish flow has increased significantly over the past year. Right now, the price of 1 kWh is three times as high as it was at the same time last year. It is important to point out that the price increase applies to all electricity providers in the country and that the reason for this must be found in several unfortunate coincidences.

Date 21.09.21

The slowing pandemic has boosted demand

The reopening of societies around Europe has given a serious boost to electricity demand. Virtually all industries and industries have now been re-established, creating an almost urgent need for energy. Normally, at home we have no problem in supplying either private individuals or industry with power, but a few unfortunate coincidences have meant that the current supply is not entirely in line with demand.

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Dry and windless summer in Scandinavia

Much of the Danish power is usually produced from our Danish offshore and onshore wind turbines. But an exceptionally windless summer has significantly reduced Danish electricity production. Normally, the Nordic countries have solid cooperation on the production and distribution of energy, but also from the Scandinavian countries there has been help to be had. The rain has failed the Norwegian and Swedish hydroelectric power plants, which are using the fallout water for energy production.

Forced to buy more expensive electricity from coal power plants

We prefer to do everything possible to avoid this, but the absence of normal supply has forced Denmark into the acquisition of energy created at coal- and gas-fired power plants. This energy is subject to large CO2 allowances due to greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. This too has contributed to the increase in the kilowatt price.

A temporary problem

Current electricity prices are not here to stay. The extreme coincidence of unfortunate events will of course level out again in time. Exactly how many months this will take is not known, although experts are talking about two to three months. Find the current electricity price in our app.

Let Watts energy assistant help you

Keep in mind that you can use Watt's energy assistant to help you navigate current electricity prices. The Watts app gives you a unique insight into when on the day the power is cheapest and when it is created on the most renewable energy sources. Both parameters are, if any, important right now, when prices are high and energy is created in a less sustainable way.

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