Watts celebrates 5th birthday

Watts has been on a wild developmental journey over the past 5 years. From idea to innovative technological energy solutions for the home.

Date 04.10.2021

Five years ago, a handful of forward-thinking enthusiasts wanted to develop a platform that could help Danish energy consumers to technological energy solutions in the home. By then, all the co-operatives in the former SEAS-NVE area had had a smart meter (remotely read electricity meter) installed in their home. The aim was to make it easier to access and understand your own consumption. There was already a service at the time that showed consumption in graphs, but no calculations were associated with the consumption views, which could guide people to change behavior before using the power. This was wanted to change, and at the former SEAS-NVE there were a few IT people who could see that using technology you can calculate and predict how much power customers will use in the coming period. It requires large amounts of data, which were now available after the smart meters had been installed.

Per Madsen, CEO of Watts, says: "The last five years have been a very evolving journey for everyone involved, and it has taken both foresight and community across management and employees to get from zero to the highly sought after platform that we have today."

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More and more utilities are showing interest

Utilities that supply water and heat are showing increasing interest in Watts. There are relatively many utilities that contact Watts themselves to hear how they can offer our service to their customers. It is a very exciting business area that Watts is already in the process of expanding. Currently, Aalborg Forsyning offers their customers that they can follow their heating consumption in Watts. At the same time, customers can also connect their electricity meter wherever they buy power, so they can get a complete overview of their heating and power consumption. Soon there will be a version of Watts so that customers can also follow their water consumption. It is a truly unique service that no other provider on the market can offer.

In addition to the cooperation with Aalborg, Watts has entered into a cooperation agreement with both Forsyning Helsingør, Kalundborg Forsyning and Novafos. In addition, we can reveal that it is expected that in the near future we will also be able to add more companies from Europe.

Dedicated Watts colleagues


The community and the fighting spirit of colleagues in Watts is unique, and according to Per, this is certainly one of the reasons watts keeps growing and developing new energy solutions for the home.

"The team behind Watts currently consists of 10 dedicated colleagues in Denmark. In addition, a handful of app developers are attached who are physically located in Lithuania. On the occasion of my fifth birthday, I would like to say: "Well done – now we're just grabbing for the next five years!" We have not finished developing new exciting projects at all. We work hard with everything from developing ideas, encoding the app, both backend and front end, UX design, testing, marketing, customer relationships and support.

Watts Live - See your consumption in the app right away


Among the new technological energy solutions emerging from Watts is a new smart solution that shows the power consumption shown at the same time as it is being used – that is, real-time data. With the current solution, your data is up to several days late. We call the new feature Watts Live, and it comes in handy in a small chip card that Watts has developed. The Watts Live card is inserted into the electricity meter, after which you connect it to Watts so that you can see your consumption immediately.

Keep an eye on Watts Live - we'll let you know when it's ready!

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