Terms and Conditions for Use of the App ‘Watts – Your Energy Assistant’


1. Definitions

These terms relate to your use of the Watts app offered by:
Watts A/S ("Watts")
Brogade 19D
4600 Køge, Denmark
CVR 41 50 14 80

Please note that Watts reserves the right to change the terms from time to time i accordance with applicable regulations.

2. General Conditions

To register you as a user, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age and not be under guardianship or have your parents’ or guardian’s consent. You can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. When you have registered yourself as a user, you can use the app to monitor your household’s or company’s energy consumption, estimate the expected consumption, as well as see an approximate price for this. 

Details of the app: 

a) The app uses advanced algorithms to predict your energyconsumption down tothe hourly level. These algorithms use a wide range of parameters and historical data. It is impossible to calculate accurate predictions, therefore expected consumption should be seen as a benchmark for what your actual consumption is expected to be. 

b) In order to make better predictions and comparisons with other households similar to yours, your consumption data will be included in pseudonymform as input   to profiling and prediction algorithms. 

(c) Power zones are retrieved from energinet's   Energy Data Service and own forecasts basedon datafrom ENTSO-e. The power zones are calculated based on how much CO2 is emitted per kWh. Power zones apply to Denmark as a whole, and there may be local deviations. Localized data is not available at this time.  

d) Weather information is retrieved from an online weather service. These are localized, and the app uses your zip code to connect the nearest local weather forecast to your address. 

e) The prediction of your consumption in kWh, m3 and kroner is not an expression of what the actual consumption in kWh, m3 and in dollars will be at your expense. You can enter a price for one kWh and or m3yourself , and the closer to the average price over the period the priceentered, the greater the probability that the prediction of your consumption will hit close to the actual consumption in dollars. 

f) The price per kWh and m3 does not take into account your actual fixed or variable price agreements. It will be fixed throughout the period based on the price you enter. The first time you sign in to the app, a price calculated based on an averagewill have been entered. The stated price for electricity includes electricity price per kWh, network tariffs,taxes   and VAT, but excluding subscription payment. The stated price for district heating includes price per m3 including VAT, but excluding subscription payment. However, reservations are made that the price may be incorrect, including not being updated. You can choose to update the price yourself on an ongoing basis, but there will be discrepancies between the settled electricity consumption and the electricity consumption reported in the app. 

g) In-app savings advice is autogenerated and should only be considered as indicative.  

3. User name and password

3.1.   As part of the registration process, you may be asked to choose a user name and password. If you do, you are fully responsible for the confidentiality and use of your username and password, and you must log out of the account after use and notify Watts if there is unauthorized use of your username and password. 

3.2.   Your username and password are personal and may not be used by third parties. You should store the information to protect it from abuse. You are responsible for any use of your user account. If you suspect that your username and password are being misused, you should immediately notify Watts of this while changing your username and password. Watts may require you to change your password at any time. The changes should be made immediately and may cause temporary disruption when using the app. 

3.3.   Watts offers that access to your user account can be done by email or via Facebook. If you use Facebook as access to your user account, you should be aware of what information that social media gets about your use of the app through the cookies used by that social media site.

4. Deleting Your Profile and Cancellation of Agreement

If you're an electric customer and want to terminate your agreement with Watts, deleting the app or profile in the app is not enough. Deleting the profile cannot be undone and you cannot later re-establish data from the deleted profile. If you only delete the app from your mobile device, your profile will continue to exist and you can log in and access your data. 

5. Legal Requirements

Without prejudice for other conditions in these terms and conditions, you must use the app in accordance with the applicable national and international laws and regulations. Watts cannot be held responsible if you do not abide by the applicable laws and regulations.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1.   The app shall be made available as it is and is available. 

6.2. A defaulting party is liable under the general rules of Danish law. However, the customer may in no case claim compensation for operating loss, profit loss or other indirect loss against Watts, unless there is intent or gross negligence. Watts is also not liable for damage or loss caused by faults and interruptions in the grid or for the technical quality of the supply, including voltage level, frequency and noise conditions. Furthermore, Watts is not liable for damage or loss resulting from restrictions or restrictions imposed by the Gridk Company, Energinet or the Nordic Electricity Exchange Nordpool. Defects caused by technical conditions in the distribution network which cause damage are the responsibility of the Grid Company. Complaints about the quality of the distribution network shall be addressed to the Grid Company. 

7. Privacy

Watts respects the privacy of the people who watts.dkuse theapp. Please note that we may use your information regarding your use of the app provided that this information has been anonymized. 

8. Cookies

The app uses cookies to make the app more user-friendly. Yurther informationr you at watts.co.uk/cookie

9. Availability of the App

Watts cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the app. If you experience problems when using the app or experiencing a download link that doesn't work, feel free to make us aware of it by using the "Contact" page. 
We may stop or disconnect the app at any time. You should expect periodic operating outages to occur. 

10. Force majeure

10.1 In cases of force majeure, Watts' and the Customer's obligations to each other under these terms and agreement shall be suspended for the duration of force majeure.
10.2 Force majeure must be overcome as soon as possible. The Party concerned shall immediately inform the other Party in writing of the matter and indicate when it is expected to be remedied.
10.3 Force majeure exists if Watts or the Customer is prevented from fulfilling the Agreement due to circumstances that occur after the start of the contractual relationship and are beyond the control of that party. Force majeure may include:
(a) exceptional forces of nature, including storm surges, torrential rain and ice winters;
(b) anti-social acts, including war and terror;
(c) fire and vandalism;
(d) IT manipulation or other incidents resulting in IT breakdowns, breakdowns or damage to power plants;
(e) the inability to purchase necessary labour, machinery, materials or subcontractors;
(f) industrial disputes, including lockouts and strikes;
(g) security of supply, including insufficient energy production and/or imports (shortage of goods).
In addition, there is force majeure in which a party can meet the terms of delivery or the Agreement only by incurring disproportionate costs. Lack of money does not constitute force majeure. If Watts cannot fulfil its obligations under the Agreement because the Network Company or Energinet.dk have declared force majeure in the distribution and/or transmission system, this relationship also constitutes force majeure in the relationship between Watts and the Customer.

11. Severability Clause

If a provision of these terms is declared invalid by the court of a competent jurisdiction, such a provision shall be replaced in such a way as to come so close to the purpose of the parties with the original provision and the other provisions shall remain fully applicable.

12.   Links from the App 

The app may contain links to websites offered by third parties. Watts has no control over and assumes no responsibility for the content of such websites. Your use of such websites is at your own risk. 

13. Applicable Law and Venue

Disputes between The Customer and Watts are settled according to Danish law and proceedings against Watts must be brought in accordance with the Rules of Jurisdiction of the Code of Civil Procedure. 

14. Contact information

If you have questions or complaints about the app or the terms, you can write to e-mail support@watts.dk

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