Get an overview of your heating consumption

Watts currently has a collaboration with Aalborg Forsyning. More companies will be connected in the near future.

Watts gives you an overview

In the app Watts – energy assistant, you can keep track of your heating and electricity consumption and become wiser about your consumption patterns.

It is especially smart if you are a district heating customer at our partner Aalborg Forsyning, because Watts can then access your heating meter.

Many more companies will be connected to this service in the near future.

View your heating consumption

Watts provides an easy overview of your consumption on your mobile phone – right down to the individual hour. You can see exactly when you use the most heating, check your expected district heating consumption and find out if your consumption suddenly changes.

Watts makes it easy to follow for yourself how everyday habits and consumption patterns affect district heating consumption and see how small changes can make a difference – both for the wallet and for our environment.

Receive notifications

Watts has a particularly special service for people who want to avoid their consumption of district heating increasing without being aware of it – and without having to constantly read their heating meter.

If you have signed up on Watts and added notifications, then Watts will send you a message if your heating consumption exceeds the limit you have set.

You can choose to be notified as soon as you spend just 1% more than expected, but you can also set the limit a little higher. It is entirely up to you.

How is the budget calculated in Watts?

Your budget in Watts is also called your expected consumption and is the number entered in kroner or kWh under the heading "Current consumption". These figures are calculated quarterly, so you can get an overview of your consumption and avoid unwelcome surprises.
The budget calculations are based on weather effects, your current consumption in the months leading up to the quarter, and your consumption in the same period last year. The budget is ‘locked in’ and does not change during the quarter. The budget in Watts should therefore be understood as your expected actual consumption and is not directly related to your bill.
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If the bubble in the app is green, it means that your spending appears to be low relative to the budget for this quarter.


The yellow bubble on the front page of the app shows that your spending seems to be between 0% and 30% above the expected budget for this quarter.


If your consumption seems to be more than 30% above expectations, then the app changes to red. And this could indicate that you should look in detail at your energy consumption.

Download Watts

These 4 simple steps are the way to a cooler and more exciting everyday life with electricity, water and heating.

All you have to do is create a user, register your home and then you’re ready for an easier overview of your energy consumption.


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