Get an overview of your water consumption

Right now, this service is available to customers of Aalborg Forsyning and Novafos, but more supplies are on the way.

Get an overview of water consumption

With the Watts app, you can keep track of your electricity, water and heating consumption and become much smarter about how you use energy.

It gives you a single overview of your home energy consumption.
Right now, this service is available for customers of Aalborg Forsyning and Novafos, but more suppliers are on the way.

See your water consumption

With Watts, you can get an easy overview of water consumption on your mobile - even per hour. You can see exactly when you use the most water, see your expected water consumption and get notified by Watts if your consumption suddenly changes.

You can easily monitor how everyday habits and consumption patterns affect water consumption. You will discover how small changes can make a difference - both for our environment and your wallet.

Get notified immediately

You don't have to keep an eye on the app - even though it's exciting.
You can choose to be notified as soon as you use just 1% more water than expected, but you can also set the limit a little higher. It's entirely up to you.

In this way, Watts becomes your personal energy assistant.

How Watts calculates your expected consumption

To calculate your budget as accurately as possible, Watts analyses your data going back a year. In this way, the app can compare past consumption and work out what your budget for the current year will look like.

The longer you've had Watts, the more data the app can get - so over time it will also be easier for the app to predict a more accurate budget. However, it's important to mention that Watts doesn't know your electricity, water or heating bills, and therefore you can't 100% compare your bills from your energy supplier with the figures Watts shows. The best comparison is to follow the consumption in m3.

Green bubble

If the bubble in the app is green, it means that your spending appears to be low relative to the budget for this quarter.

Yellow bubble

If the bubble in the app is yellow, it means that your consumption looks to be between 0 - 30% over budget for this quarter.

Red bubble

If the bubble in the app is red, it means that your consumption looks to be more than 30% over budget for this quarter.


Who can track water consumption in Watts?

We are pleased to announce that customers from Aalborg Utility and Novafos can now track their water consumption in Watts. This requires that you have a remote water meter installed. Then you will not have to read your water meter yourself at the annual reading, it is done automatically. At the same time, you can set up your meter in Watts so that you can track your water consumption hour by hour.

You can set up your meter using your customer number and password from Aalborg Utility, and if you are a customer of Novafos it is your customer number and meter number you need to use.

Can I be notified if my consumption increases?

You can set up a notification in the app to let you know if your usage increases. You can do this under Add/New notification.

You can choose how many percent of daily consumption you want to exceed before you get notified, it can be as low as 1%.

Advantage for Aalborg Utility: follow both electricity, water and heat

If you are lucky enough to be a customer of Aalborg Utility, you can track your electricity, water and heat consumption in Watts.

We have developed a special "front page", the page we call the dashboard, so you get an easy overview of all energy forms at once.

The site is new, so we'd love to hear from you at if you have any input for the site. Thank you in advance!

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Simply create a user, register your home - and you're ready for an easier overview of your energy consumption.


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