Are you ready to energy improve your home?

In an effort to make all Danish homes more climate friendly, the Danish Energy Agency's Building Pool offers an annual opportunity for you to apply for grants for energy improvements in the home.

Date 24.09.2021

You can apply for grants from the building pool if you, for example, replace oil boiler, gas boiler, bio boiler or electric heating for energy-friendly solutions such as air-to-water or geothermal heat pumps.

Should you go with thoughts of switching to heating with heat pump, you can calculate your own possible supplement here.

The application round starts on Tuesday 28 September at 10am and all indications are that it is about being ready on the keys. In fact, it is a limited pool, which is distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Decisive conditions for grants

It is important to point out that you cannot get a subsidy if you have already purchased your new heat pump.

It is also a requirement to order the heat pump and the installation of a skilled RENEWABLE-approved installer. If you do the installation work yourself, you will not be eligible for the grant.

In addition, you cannot apply for a grant if the home has already inlaid district heating or if there are already concrete agreements that the dwelling in question must have connected district heating.

The grant applies to year-round housing, flex dwellings and holiday homes that are registered as full-year residences and at the same time meet the requirement that the energy label must be E, F or G.

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A heat pump is a great idea for the climate

There are several good reasons to replace your oil or gas boiler with a heat pump, but one in particular is obvious.

Almost 500,000 Danish homes are still heated by either gas or oil furnaces. Even though the oil boiler only accounts for heating 1/5 of the Danish homes, it still notes for 1/3 of the total CO2 emissions from the Danes' home heating.

With state subsidies and citizens' goodwill, CO2 emissions from Denmark's housing heating are expected to be reduced by 700,000 tonnes by 2030. This is the expected result when up to a quarter of a million of the Danish homes' oil and gas boilers will be replaced by a heat pump at that time. (source: Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities)

Greater transparency in energy consumption

A switch to heat pump not only reduces household CO2 emissions, it also opens up the possibility of creating even greater transparency in the home's energy consumption. Your heat pump's power consumption can be followed directly in Watts' app along with the rest of the household's total consumption.

Watts energy assistant not only creates an overview of current electricity consumption, but at the same time provides a unique insight into when on the day that the power is cheapest and when it is produced from as many renewable energy sources as possible.

This gives greater participation as well as an active opportunity to better control its electricity bill as well as its carbon footprint.


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