Watts is here to make a difference for the climate

We are born digital

We are born digital, and we are participating actively in the fight against climate change by creating technological solutions that provide an increased awareness of people’s energy consumption, change habits and ensure a greener future. We know that no one can do everything on their own, and therefore we always aim for cooperation, partnerships and joint efforts where possible.

A wind turbine is one of the sustainable and renewable energies that Watts uses

What does Watts offer?

We develop technological solutions, tools and products for everyone who wants to actively participate in the fight for the climate, and we integrate green and climate recovery initiatives into our business. Watts is first and foremost an energy assistant in the form of a smartphone app that gives you an overview of your electricity consumption. That might sound a bit dry, but it's actually not.

Our promise to the world

Watts promises to help its customers with their own personal green transition, so that everyone can contribute actively to the climate fight. We promise to be genuine and credible, to speak the truth in all respects, and to always work to combat the world’s climate changes.

We promise to enter into partnerships and cultivate communities based on a firm belief that no one can save the world alone. 

No one can do everything, but everyone can do a little. And together we can make a difference.

Which problems does Watts solve?

Watts helps its customers to think climate-friendly and to use only the energy needed based on the motto: ‘The greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.’ Through the development and use of new technologies, we contribute to lower energy consumption, better utilisation of nature’s resources and less greenhouse gas emissions.

Watts works with climate restoration and the promotion of biodiversity through our own projects and selected collaborations.

Over 500,000 downloads

Our app is the result of 6 years of intensive development work by our small team of enthusiasts. That's why we're so proud that it's already been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

Who is behind Watts?

Watts A/S is a company that is set up to make a difference to the climate. We are an independent company in the energy group Andel (formerly SEAS-NVE), which is a duck-owned energy and fibre network group and the largest player in the Danish energy market. As a consumer, it gives you a security and as a company it allows us to develop products and solutions at the highest level with a focus on personal green transition.
The Watts Board of Directors

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