New Watts collaboration makes it possible to manage your home intelligently

Although we are aware of the current climate challenges around the world, it can be difficult to change behaviour and innovate green solutions in everyday life.

To help the green transition along the way, Watts has entered into an agreement with the platform IFTTT (If this then that), which allows smart products to talk to each other crisscrossing.

Specifically for Watts' users, the collaboration means that you can connect your washing machine to IFTTT, which through Watts gets information about when the CO2level in the stream is lowest. For example, if you want the washing machine to run when you are at work, the washing machine can be started via IFTTT.

At the same time, if you want the washing machine to run when the CO2level in the current is low, Watts makes sure to pass the information on to IFTTT. All it takes is to press the button in the app, and iftttt will take care of the rest:

"I hope that with the collaboration we can create incentives for people to think greener thoughts. At Watts, we try to work proactively so that we can constantly develop the app and enter into relevant collaborations that make it easy and convenient to use the app",says Anders Spur Hansen, Team Leader for Energy Technology and AI at Watts.

If you want to try your hand at IFTTT, your products must be compatible with the platform – you can read more about this on the product itself.

If you have questions about IFTTT, you can write to Watts under "Write to us" in the app's menu.

What does IFTTT mean?

IFTTT is short for "If this then that", which means that if an event occurs in product A, an event in product B is started – that is, IFTTT can automatically cause a specific action to happen based on another.

It is possible to connect various internet-connected services such as Philips Hue, Sonos and now also Watts to IFTTT.

The collaboration between IFTTT and Watts makes it possible to set up a rule that says, for example, that when the power in the grid has a lowCO2emissions, your IFTTT-compatible product must be initiated. All you need is a profile in Watts and a profile in the IFTTT app or on

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