Get LED Christmas lights in your eyes

With Watts, you can keep track of how much power your LED Christmas light chains are using, and we recommend connecting them with a smart control so you use only the energy needed to keep the Christmas spirit going.

Date 24.11.2021

Get LED Christmas lights in your eyes all year round

The joy of life may not be permanently secured by simply replacing all bulbs in the home with LED bulbs, but both the climate and the wallet will be grateful to you, because there are up to quite large savings to be made. Read more

And now that we're going to have an extra light-demanding holiday, it's perhaps more topical than ever to include LED lights in the old Christmas traditions. While the very name 'energy-saving Christmas decorations' may make even the most gullible Christmas gnome run away screaming, you don't have to compromise on the old traditions.

LED light chains with smart control, for example, create the same light and heat, but in a much more intelligent and saving way. Because, as I said, Christmas lasts a long time and costs a lot of money. And a lot of Watts you can always just check under Power Zoneshow the power is being produced right now, then you know if the power is being produced from renewable energy sources.

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