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Here with us, we develop technological solutions, tools and products for consumers who want to contribute to a greener future – while saving energy. Watts not to like?

We develop the energy solutions of the future

We dare to stand out from the crowd, and we dare to dream of a better and more sustainable world, where climate-friendly measures can easily go hand in hand with price-conscious solutions. And why do we dare?

We dare because we do not settle on standard solutions and put ourselves in the slipstream of other traditional tools in the industry. Watts is carried forward by passionate enthusiasts (just call us nerds if you like), and we've spent years of our professional expertise theorizing and developing innovative tools.

Who is behind Watts?

Watts A/S is a company that is set up to make a difference to the climate. We are an independent company in the energy group Andel (formerly SEAS-NVE), which is a duck-owned energy and fibre network group and the largest player in the Danish energy market. As an employee, it gives you a security and as a company it allows us to develop products and solutions at the highest level with a focus on personal green transition.

Watts, of course, has its own board, which you can read a bit more about here.

160.000 happy users

Our app is the result of 5 years of intensive development work by our small team of enthusiasts. That's why we're so proud that it's already used by more than 160,000 happy users.

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Do you want to help develop Watts in the future?

Vacancies at Watts:

I'm sorry, but right now we don't have any vacancies in Watts.

But maybe you are interested to see which positions are available at Andel.

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