Whistleblower scheme

Report a suspected breach via our whistleblower scheme

Report a suspected breach via our whistleblower scheme

At Watts, we want suspicions of illegal or unethical behaviour to be investigated thoroughly.

Our whistleblower scheme allows you to anonymously report breaches of EU law and other serious breaches of Danish and EU law and other serious matters covered by the Whistleblower Directive. The whistleblower scheme can be used by employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and others associated with the company.

All alerts are treated confidentially and you choose whether to include your name in the alert and provide additional information. Whether you wish to do so or not, we ask you to set up a secure mailbox for the alert. This makes it safer and easier to communicate with us.

Reporting system

The reporting system ensures that your report is initially sent to an external law firm, which administers the scheme. They assess the case, including its seriousness, and then pass it on to our internal whistleblower officer.

The reporting system provides more information on what can be reported, how you are protected as a whistleblower and how your personal data and your report are processed.

Here you will also find instructions on how to ensure anonymity and set up a mailbox.

Watts A/S is a subsidiary of the energy group Andel (formerly SEAS-NVE ). We have a joint whistleblower reporting scheme with the entire Andel group, and therefore we link you to andel.dk, where you can read more about the scheme and submit your report.

Read more and report

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