Digital tools to bridge a greener everyday life

News - 3 December 2021

Digital tools to bridge a greener everyday life

We have created an app that creates direct transparency into current Danish power production, with a special focus on renewable energy sources. The hope is that this transparency will lead to an increased motivation to create active green initiatives among individual members.

Not only do we provide an hourly insight into the power zones of the Danish electricity grid, we will very soon also facilitate the market with an unprecedented meticulous insight into the household's current energy consumption via our upcoming Watts live map (more on that in the next newsletter).

Watts also looks ahead and can predict your expected consumption. The app makes ongoing calculations and is an intelligent player in your current and future energy consumption. With such a companion, you will therefore be able to make adjustments to the ongoing budget calculations at any time, so that you keep a tight rein on your consumption, both climate-wise and economically. Perhaps an especially important partner to have on your team right now in these times of energy crisis.

In short, we at Watts are working hard to develop tools that, with increased innovation and ease of use, can act as a bridge to an increasingly sustainable energy world.

And while that's happening, we'll also be doing everything we can to keep our members up to date on news, initiatives and advice that can continually push our everyday lives in the right energy, price and climate-conscious direction.


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