Overview of Fees

Valid from 1 September 2020 

Electricity customer fees at Watts

Price in DKK including VAT
Payment via FIK card DKK 0.00
Payment via Payment Service DKK 6.25
Payment via MobilePay DKK 0.00
Payment by card DKK 0.00
Debt collection message $0.00
Manual handling of order DKK 250.00
Termination of agreement within binding period DKK 0.00
Create payment agreement $0.00
Reminder $0.00
Security $0.00
Investigations due to established unauthorised consumption By bill

Charges related to the network

Price in DKK including VAT
Payment agreement DKK 131.25
Re-disconnection for illegal reconnection DKK 900.00
Temporary connection, supply, 1 measures DKK 1,418.75.
Temporary connection, supply, 2 meters DKK 1,750.00
Temporary connection, installer, 1 measures 543.75 kr.
Meter installation demerration DKK 937.50
Taking down the meter 925.00 KR.
Creation of micro RENEWABLE installations DKK 2,387.50
Creation of micro RENEWABLE energy plants, excluding measures DKK 1,732.00.
Collection letter to customer at late payment DKK 125.00
Delivery of meter DKK 300.00

Watts A/S reserves the right to re-invoice additional fees from your Network Company, even if they are not listed in thefee statement. Please refer to your local Network Company Fee List.   Watts is entitled to change the above fees, which is detailed in the Terms of Delivery section 24  


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