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Now you can also buy Danish green power through the Watts app. Green electricity based on Danish solar panels and wind turbines.
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One extra step: 

We plant trees

At Watts, it’s not just our power that’s green. We are taking another step forward in our fight for a greener future. It is not something we have to do or are required to do in any way. It’s something we do because we sincerely want to make a difference. Our goal is to make our customers’ power consumption 100% CO2 neutral.

We are achieving this goal by growing forests on Danish soil. Simply and without any cheating.

“As an electricity customer at Watts
you don’t get either a gift card or the honour of
taking part in dubious competitions.

Instead, you get your very own
personal CO2 vacuum cleaners
in our new forest at Svinninge.
We think that makes a lot more sense."

Per Madsen, Head of Digital, Watts A/S

Your guarantee that the power is green

Our electricity ‘Watts Energy’ is certified climate-friendly and 100% based on renewable energy – in our case, Danish wind turbines and solar panel systems.

At Watts, we are of course part of the official leaf scheme for electricity suppliers.

How do we do it in practice?

In Odsherred, close to Holbæk, there is a 60,000 m2 piece of land. Here, in collaboration with the Growing Trees Network Foundation and Holbæk Municipality, we’re growing a forest that absorbs CO2. As soon as the first area is planted, we move on to a new piece of land where we plant a new forest – and we continue in the same way.

When we finish a forest, it gets the status of a forest reserve and must be run sustainably by the landowner in accordance with the Danish Forest Act. Therefore, we know that it will be properly cared for in the future.

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A wind turbine is one of the sustainable and renewable energies that Watts uses

Use the greenest energy

With our intelligent energy assistant, you can see when the power coming out of your socket is greenest.

This means that you can see when the electricity is primarily produced by renewable energy solutions, and you can plan your electricity consumption accordingly. For example, you can wash your clothes or charge your electric car at times when the power comes from wind turbines.

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A price that’s understandable

Watts Energy is green power at a variable price that is set hourly and follows the market price. With our energy assistant, you are always able to see the current price, and you can get help in using the electricity when it’s cheapest – for example, at night, when demand is lower.

In fact, it is really your consumption pattern and your habits that make the biggest difference. So you gain the greatest savings by becoming aware of your power consumption. And by saving power, you are also doing the climate a favour.

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Transparent price

Your electricity price is composed of many different items, but we have made it easy for you to see the current total price per kWh.

In addition, you get a clear bill every month, so you don’t have to worry about long, confusing calculations. Your bill is calculated based on your expected consumption, so that your on-account amount will be as accurate as possible. And you can of course find all your bills in the app.

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Get cheap power at night

When you buy electricity from us, you get electricity that follows the market, and prices that change every hour. The great advantage of this is that you can move your electricity consumption to times when electricity is both greener and cheaper. The price is often cheaper at night, since there is less load on the electricity grid at that time.

If you use the Watts app, you'll see the prices for the next 24 hours.


West Denmark

... $/kWh

East Denmark

... $/kWh

Reduce your consumption

It's still a fact that the greenest – and cheapest – energy is the one you don't use!
Our energy assistant gives you an overview of your power consumption, so you can keep an eye on fluctuations, and you are motivated to save where you can.

Using the latest technology, the energy assistant calculates each month how much power you are going to use. With the colours red, yellow and green, you can see if you are above or below budget.

High consumption alarm

You can receive a notification if your consumption suddenly starts to increase. In this way, you don’t have to keep an eye on your spending all the time. Your energy assistant does this for you completely automatically.

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Order green power from Watts

You can order your climate-friendly electricity directly in the Watts app.
Press 'Watts Energy' when choosing a meter.


Download app


Create a user


Add your home’s details


Select Watts Energy

Frequently asked questions

How much does Watts Energy cost?

The price for Watts Energy is a variable price that is set on an hourly basis. Prices follow the market price. You can see the current price in the app, which allows you to shift your usage to the cheap hours.

It costs 0 kroner to set up, and we have no minimum contract period. If you have several homes, you can have them all with us and pay just one electricity subscription per month.

How can I contribute to a better climate?

Take control with Watts Energy. We give you the technology to reduce your consumption while doing something good for the climate. When you buy Watts Energy+, you not only get certified green energy, we also plant trees in Denmark, so that your energy consumption is more than than 100% CO2 neutral.

Why does Watts choose to be a supplier of good and green power?

We do this because it is our role in the world to make a difference for the climate. We were born digital and we want to play an active part in the fight against climate change. We do this by creating technological solutions that raise awareness of energy consumption, change habits and ensure a greener future. For you, this means that with the Watts app you can keep a close eye on your energy consumption while at the same time buying good and green electricity directly in the app. You then have an overview of both your consumption and bills in one and the same app.

How do I pay with Watts Energy?

You decide how you want to pay for your electricity. The bills are sent once a month. You can choose to attach a payment card (e.g. Visa, Dankort) or create a payment service (betalingsservice) agreement. You can change your payment form within the app at any time.

What are the benefits of hourly billing?

YYou pay what the electricity power costs in the hour it’s used. In that way, you have the ability to shift your usage to the cheap hours of the day and perhaps use a little less electricity during the expensive hours.

It’s no secret that hourly billing has been introduced in the hope that electricity consumers in Denmark will start to shift their electricity consumption so that it will be adjusted to when there is the most renewable energy from solar and wind in the electricity grid. In this way, we can all help to support the green transition.

You can always see the price in the app for the coming hours.

What do I do if there is a power failure?

Watts only provides the electricity itself, not the cables that deliver the electricity to your home, and are therefore not responsible for power outages. Your local electricity grid company is responsible for this, and it is always best that you contact them directly if you experience a power outage.

Before you call, it is a good idea to check if the power failure is only in your home. So check your HPFI relay and check if it is operating correctly. It’s also a good idea to just check to see if your neighbours have power.

Click here to see if there is a power outage at your address. You can also find the telephone number of your local electricity grid company.

What do I do if I’m moving?

If you are moving, then you can easily sign up for green power from Watts or just take Watts with you to your new home so that you can track your energy consumption.

On the dashboard, tap the house icon on the top right / Add new . Then choose Watts Energy, and within 11 working days, we will supply power to your address. If you just want to track your consumption, then select the button ‘Other company’.

If you are in doubt, then you are welcome to write to us at – we’re ready to help you.
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The benefits of buying your electricity from Watts::

1) The advantage of being an electricity customer at Watts is that you can always see the current price of your electricity. You can do this in the dashboard, where the hourly rate is updated every day. This means that you have the opportunity to aim for the cheapest hours of the day.

2) This is possible because with us you pay the hourly rate. There are not many others who offer this service .

3) In addition, you always have a comprehensive overview of your actual consumption, your expected consumption and your bills right at your fingertips, because all the information is gathered in the app.

4) In the app, it’s also easy to just look back and compare with your previous annual consumption or previous months’ consumption.

5) With regard to paying bills, we charge for 1 month at a time, so that the bill does not accumulate over, for instance, 3 months, as a number of electricity suppliers do.

6) We will very soon be introducing a solution that makes it possible to track your electricity consumption in real time. This means that Watts receives data directly from your meter without delay. Today, it usually takes a few days for the data to become available.

7) We’re here to make a difference for the climate, and therefore our electricity is of course green.

8) At Watts, we have no minimum contract period.

9) Take two, pay for one. You only pay one subscription if you have registered several homes.