Keep up with consumption and save energy in the cottage

New - June 20, 2019

No matter when you stay in your holiday home, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on your consumption – there is both money and energy to save.

Good with solar heating and replacing heating and energy sources are some of the measures you can do to keep the cost of electricity and heat down in the cottage. Another measure is to keep an eye on consumption – both when you use the holiday home, but also when you do not. Otherwise, it can become an expensive pleasure:

"In the fall, my family and I were on a trip to our summer house. When we got home, through the Watts app, I could see that our electricity consumption was higher than usual. Therefore, I contacted the neighbor of our holiday home, who went for a walk around the house and checked if there should be a window open, but this was not the case", says Per Steen Nerenst and continues:

"It wasn't until two months later, when we were back in the cottage, that we found that our daughter had turned on the radiator in one room and that she had forgotten to turn it off again. Unfortunately, it became a line in the bill and we ended up paying DKK 2,000 for the miser.
Therefore, I always pay attention if Watts tells me that the consumption in the cottage is higher than usual."

Caroline L. Møller, Marketing Manager at Watts, adds: "Wherever you buy your electricity, with energy assistant Watts you can keep an eye on the energy consumption in both the house and the cottage – and if there is a need to connect more users to the app, it is also possible. This is how you can keep an eye on consumption 24 hours a day and how much energy you expect to use, so you can easily intervene before it is too late."

You can choose to be notified as soon as you use just one percent more energy than expected, and you'll get a notification every time your consumption reaches the limit. Then you don´t have to open the app every day and not least to read your electricity meter in time and time.

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