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What does power actually consist of, where does it come from, and is it true that it can be green? We'll give you answers to that and more below.

A wind turbine is one of the sustainable and renewable energies that Watts uses

It is not always easy to find out what is up and down in the Danish electricity market, and therefore many power customers hold on tightly to their electricity supplier. Yes, in fact, so many that only 8 percent of us change electricity supplier from time to time, according to a survey from Dansk Energi.

A few have therefore embraced the electricity market, while even more people are waiting because they do not know about the possibility of changing power companies or because it can be difficult to see what products are on the market.

At home, anyone can change energy companies, and even for free, if you are not bound by a six-month bonding period. All it takes is to spend some time researching the market, your own electricity consumption and what electricity product you need – for example, should it be cheap, benefit the green transition or something else entirely?

And how do you find out? First, let us guide you through your electricity bill – it's important to keep track of before you decide whether to change power companies.


You get one bill, but you pay to several

When you turn on the light at home, someone other than your energy company has influenced the electricity that is sent out to your outlet. Therefore, you will also be able to read on your electricity bill that you pay a certain amount for your electricity to be transported through the power grid and the systems that secure it.

The amount goes to your grid company, which is the company that owns the cables that transport electricity from your power company to your electrical outlet, and then it goes to Energinet, which owns and develops the electricity and gas network in Denmark. Energy networks have so-called "tariffs" for electricity, which are a set price that covers the costs of operation, depreciation, financing and administration.

If you are unsure which Grid company owns the wires in your local area, you can enter your address at Dansk Energi's guide for grid connection.

No matter where you get your power from, you pay money to your grid company and Energinet. However, what you can choose for yourself is who should sell you electricity and what your electricity should consist of.

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Electricity with care for the environment

Before you exclude an energy company based on the price of electricity, it may be advantageous to take a closer look at your household's needs – is the price a decisive factor, for example, should your energy company have consideration for the environment, and does it matter to you whether your energy company can be contacted by phone or digitally?

There can be a big difference between what the energy companies can offer you and your consumption, so it's worth considering what's most important to you when you need electricity for the kettle.

If it is important to you that your energy company takes responsibility for the green transition, you can, for example, look for whether your energy company bases yourelectricity on renewable energy.

Many companies use the term "green energy", which means that your power is based on renewable energy such as Danish wind turbines and photovoltaic systems. However, no companies in Denmark can guarantee that you will be supplied with 100 percent green power in your electrical outlets, as all power will be mixed together in the grid.

So when the energy companies offer green electricity, the raw electricity is not always green – on the other hand, many energy companies can document that they have purchased green certificates that guarantee that electricity from renewable energy sources is produced corresponding to your electricity consumption.

Some energy companies offer other or more green initiatives than "green energy". For example, several digital companies can help you save power by using the company's app, which can track your consumption down to an hourly basis. This makes it easier to move consumption to when the power is greenest, cheapest or maybe even both.

Some also offer other green initiatives besides the green power. At Watts, our goal is to make our customers' power consumption 100 percent carbon neutral by planting trees around the country. This means that every year we will plant a number of trees that, over a 50-year period, absorb the amount of CO2 emitted by the production of power to our customers.

By reading more on the electricity companies' own websites, you can get an insight into what they offer and whether their products meet your needs. However, it is important to remember that the power price often reflects the product you buy, so it is important to you that your power is based on renewable energy or that your power company makes other green moves, then it will also be reflected in the price of the product you buy.


Compare energy companies

When you start researching the different energy companies on the market, their prices and electrical products, it is important that you always keep the best offer against your current agreement and price – and if your power company has to make a green difference, it is also worth taking into account.

Then all that remains is to wish you enjoy the hunt for the company that meets you and your needs.

Make a claim and choose a green electricity supplier - choose Watts today.

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