Do you have a remotely read meter? Then you can use power with green care

New - May 26, 2020

There is both CO2 and money to be saved by following your electricity consumption in Watts – a newly developed version makes it easier to use your electricity consumption with green care, and already now all Danes with a remotely read electricity meter can download the app.

There is good news for all the many who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save on electricity bills. Over the past few years, Danish Energy Network has been working on a solution that allows all electricity consumers in the country to get an overview of their electricity consumption via, for example, Watts.

Now the solution is ready, and this means that as an electricity consumer, you can give Watts consent to retrieve data about your electricity consumption in Energinet's DataHub, regardless of where you get your power:

"With the solution, all the country's electricity consumers can get an overview of their electricity consumption in Watts, even and fit. As a future user of the app, the new solution means that you can constantly keep track of your consumption and see which energy sources produce power for your power outlet here and now and how much CO2 is emitted per kWh", says Per Madsen, Head of Department at Watts A/S.

Will make it easier to think green thoughts

Although the vast majority of Danes are aware of the current climate challenges, it can sometimes be difficult to think about green solutions when everyday life calls. Therefore, Watts is continuously developed so that it is always easy and convenient for the user to keep high with energy consumption:

"With Watts, we would like to engage Danish consumers to make good choices that help promote the green transition. Therefore, we work proactively with the development of the app, and we continuously enter into relevant collaborations where, for example, several types of supply are connected",says Per Madsen.

Easy and simple to access Watts

If you want to consent to Watts being able to keep an eye on your electricity consumption, it can be done easily and simply via NemID. This avoids finding the customer number that has been required in the past for Watts to access your data:

"It can be a bit difficult to find and enter the customer number if you don't have these numbers at hand – on the other hand, it's something else with NemID, so we hope that this opportunity makes it faster and easier to connect to the app", says Per Madsen.

To give Watts access to track your electricity consumption:

Under the "Add meter" item, select "Energy Grid" and then use your NemID to create a remotely read meter.

If you are asked for an 8-digit web password in the flow at Energinet, please contact your electricity supplier to obtain it.



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