Get a comprehensive overview

With the Watts app, you get a comprehensive overview of your consumption of electricity, water and heating. This makes it easier for you to think green in your everyday life.


Control of your electricity, water and heating

With Watts, you get a comprehensive overview of your consumption, which paves the way for a greener everyday life with control of your budget and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

See your total consumption

In principal, all electricity consumers in Denmark can use Watts. All it requires is for you to download the app and sign up.
If you are lucky enough to have your district heating and water supply connected to Watts, you can also get your heating and water consumption displayed in the app. Alternatively, you can read your meters regularly and enter the consumption manually.
We already collaborate with a large number of utility companies, and the list is getting longer and longer all the time.

View your heating consumption

Watts provides an easy overview of your consumption on your mobile phone – right down to the individual hour. You can see exactly when you use the most heating, check your expected district heating consumption and find out if your consumption suddenly changes.

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